How to win the bid on your first home.

Have you ever lost six houses?  We have.

We searched and searched for a house to make our home in Nashville for six months.  We put an offer on a flipped home and lost the bid (thankfully!! it was in a bad area and had electrical issues).  So we decided to stop looking for a while and re-signed the lease on our apartment for another year.

Once that year was up, we were ready to look and determined to find our first home and hopefully begin to work on creating a little family!

It wasn’t as easy as we hoped.  Those of you who live in Nashville will understand.  This place is going crazy!  I think something like 98 people are moving to the city every DAY…so basically houses are going like hot cakes!  So when our relator would send us houses on Realtracs, we would have to scan the pictures and set up a time to view the house that day.  If we liked the house (after seeing it for 10 minutes) we would have to write up an offer that night!  Talk about stressful.  Every time we would write up our offer, I’d already be on Pinterest pinning and planning everything for our house.

And every time, we would be heartbroken when we found out we had been out bid.

Until this.

One Sunday afternoon, our realtor picked us up at our apartment (this was becoming our weekly routine) and took us to a few houses we were interested in.  The homes were okay, but they weren’t in the best area and one of them looked like it’s kitchen was the size of a closet.  Not a walk-in closet.  Like tiny.  We left the houses in disappointment and feeling anxious because we were nearing the end of our apartment lease and would need to decide to either re-lease for another year or go month-to-month which is super expensive!  We asked Rick if there were any other houses in a particular neighborhood we had looked at before and lost a home in. He checked his phone and said there was actually an open house on a home in that neighborhood, but it was a little over our budget. *Sigh*  But, after looking at a million and one houses over the past few months and losing, we said oh what the heck!  Let’s look…it’s not like we’re going to get it anyway.

When we pulled into the neighborhood, we saw families walking their dogs and pushing their babies in strollers.  We were in love all over again…and wishing so hard that we could someday move into this neighborhood.  When we pulled up to the house, I told Rick we should just keep on driving because there was no way we would ever get it.  There were tons of people at the open house and the cute lady at the kitchen table told our realtor she had about six offers so far today (huuuuuge eye roll).  The cute lady was not only the realtor but she was also the owner of the home.  This had been she and her husband’s first house together and they made it complete with their two fancy cats.  After looking at the house and the gorgeous fenced-in backyard, we were already making plans.  “Our couch will fit perfectly here!” “We will need to get a king-sized bed for that big master!” blah blah blah….but there was one catch.  We needed to make an offer and we needed it to stand out.

SIDE STORY: So, I haven’t mentioned this, but my husband is a songwriter (duh, Nashville) and he’s also super talented.  When we finally found the house of our dreams, we knew we had to pull out all the stops.  He’s been known to get a little creative when it comes to momentous events in life.  In college, my husband was in a jingle competition at a car dealership in our hometown of Wichita, Kansas.  He was in the typical broke as a joke because I’m in college phase of life and desperately needed some wheels.  So what does the boy do?  He writes a killer jingle and wins a freaking car!

This guy is the real deal.  When he is determined, he gets it done.  So obviously, after seeing the house of our dreams, he knew we needed something

I suggested writing a letter to the sellers.  My husband wrote a song. (insert eye-roll and also heart-eyes)

After writing up our offer with our agent, we went home and my husband stayed up late and wrote this song.  Well, it’s more of a jingle.  I’ve included it below but I’ve edited it to keep our address private.

Our realtor said it was the first time he’d ever submitted a song with an offer, but he was super excited to see what would come of it.  We were supposed to hear back either way by 6pm the next day.

At 5:59 the next day, we were standing in our kitchen pouring a glass of wine to ease the nerves, anticipating a call from Rick.  When 6:10 rolled around, we felt defeated.  If we had had the highest bid, we would’ve heard by now…so clearly we didn’t get it!  Cameron reached out and called Rick, who sent us straight to voicemail.  He texted us and said he was in a meeting, but to check our email.  Oh. Em. Gee.  When we opened the email we couldn’t believe our eyes!

In Nashville, the music city, a song won us our first home!


Best of luck to those of you searching for your first home, here’s the song we used to help us land ours!

Take a listen:

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  1. Oh hey, you’re the cutest! Can’t listen to the song right now because I’m at work, but I for sure will when I get home. Love you both!

  2. Oh hey, you’re the cutest! At work, so I can’t listen to the song now, but I for sure will when I get home. Love you both!

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