5 Things You Actually Need For Your Baby

Are you ready?

That’s the question everyone asks when you’re just about ready to POP, right?!  After all of the amazing baby showers, you have everything in place and organized ready to go for your precious babe.  But what do you REALLY need?  Do you actually need a dozen velcro swaddles and twenty pacifiers?  Everyone’s baby is different…but I thought I’d give you an idea of what we actually find useful and use quite often.  I’m not including the obvious.  Pretty sure everyone knows you need a car seat and stroller!  Ha!

  1. BOPPY – This item is amazing and can be used from literally the moment your baby is born.  I used it in the hospital on day one when I began nursing Calvin.  He also loves using it as his “lazy-boy” lounger.  I drape a blanket over the Boppy and sit him inside…and he lounges all day long!
  2. ROCK N PLAY – Can we just call this a life-saver?  After a few weeks of Calvin being on the outside, we found out he had some reflux issues.  The boy HATED sleeping on a flat surface!  Our pediatrician actually recommended us letting him sleep in his rock-n-play.  Calvin loves it & momma loves actually getting some sleep now.
  3. GRIPE WATER – Another life-saver.  Anyone remember feeling all of those precious hiccups when baby was inside your belly?  My little one had hiccups probably ten times a day (no joke).  Well, same is true now that he’s here in the world!  Seriously, not even a full syringe of this stuff makes his hiccups go away in a few seconds.  We started giving him Gripe Water when he was around two weeks old.  So. Good.
  4. PLAY MAT– We call this his “toy”.  He loves playing underneath his toys and is now finally interacting with the hanging animals and shapes.  Not much to say about this, but it is a neccesity for new babies’ brain development.  We also love it for tummy time!
  5. SLING– This baby has saved my life (dramatic) on multiple occasions.  There’s nothin’ better than wearing your baby.  You’ve just “worn” the babe for 9 months, so you might as well give these slings a try!  I recommend a sling over the Ergo & Tula while your baby is still small.  I have a Tula, but I’ll wait to put him in that when he gets a little bigger.  For now, the sling is amazing.

Those are my top 5 faves for new mamas!

Leave a comment and tell me about your top must-have for baby.


3 thoughts on “5 Things You Actually Need For Your Baby

  1. Omg the rock and play is a life saver girl! I can’t even how many times it’s helped give me a break.

    1. Yes! It’s been a huge life saver, especially in the early weeks. Our pediatrician actually recommended it!

  2. I’ve never heard of the Rock N Play but our boys loved he portable swing & bouncy seat 😊

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