How to travel on a plane with an infant

Everything you need to know about flying with an infant.

Six planes. Under four months.

I guess you could say our son is a flying expert.  He has flown on six planes before turning four months old.   Here are our tips + tricks for flying on a plane with an infant.

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(leaving the Nashville airport —> heading to Cali)

1: Make sure your plane ticket includes your baby!  This seems like a no-brainer, but I was talking with a friend a few nights before our first flight out with C and was asking her for some advice since she had traveled with her baby previously.  She said she wished she would have added her son as a lap child before she had gotten to the airport.  I immediately freaked out because I hadn’t even thought about adding my son to my ticket.  I guess I thought that since I’d be wearing him, he’d automatically be fine to travel along with me without a ticket.  Well, that’s partially true (at least on southwest flights).  I’ll link their flight policy here.  Any child under two years of age can be considered a “lap child” and are free of charge so long as they ride on your lap!  Just make sure you add them to your ticket as a lap child.  I ended up calling southwest and just booked over the phone and it made the whole process super simple.

2: Make sure you have some form of identification for your baby.  I had a photo of our son’s birth certificate on my phone which was acceptable.  The employee who was checking us in said they just needed to verify his age (although seriously–isn’t it pretty obvious this kid is under two?  But you do what you gotta do!)

3:  Invest in a baby carrier.  Our Tula carrier saved the day each time we were in the airport.  I loved having our baby close by me without having to worry about him sliding around or falling out of my arms.  My favorite thing about the Tula is that it allows you to be hands-free and has a handy little “fanny pack” pouch for your boarding pass and ID.  It is definitely one of my top baby items, if you remember my recommendation from this post.

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4: Embrace the discomfort.  Flying with a baby is not the most ideal situation, but honestly, I love the snuggles and enjoy being able to hold my baby the entire flight.  When I remember how quickly time flies (no pun intended) I just try to slow down and enjoy every little discomfort and inconvenience that having a baby brings.  If I have to get up three times during a 50 minute flight to change your diaper and bounce you on my hip, it’s worth it, babe.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be my baby’s mama.   I waited and waited for this moment, so I’m choosing to embrace it all…even the moments that are uncomfortable.

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Thanks for reading!  Good luck on your flight….and remember, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.




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  1. You two make traveling look so easy, I’m soooo jealous! I would have totes forgot about adding the lap child, good lookin out mama!

  2. You make it seem so easy! I’ll be traveling with my son before the age of two to the Middle East and I’m
    So nervous for keeping him occupied for over 24 hrs of travel!!!

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