Calling all Tall Girls: where I find my clothes!

Where my tall girls at?

I can remember being in sixth grade, my mom and I went to the mall to do a little back-to-school shopping.  We were going to pick up some jeans and a few tops to get my middle school wardrobe started.  We visited EVERY.SINGLE.STORE. the mall had to offer.  Nothing would fit my narrow but extra-long frame.  I have a generally short torso, but my legs are stinkin long.

Every pair of jeans I tried on looked like I was trying to survive a flood.  If I finally found a pair to fit me in the length, they looked like Jared’s Subway after-picture!  I was devastated.  That is, until someone told my mom about this company called Alloy Apparel.  At the time they had a catalog and you would call to order your items (dang, I’m old).  Now, Alloy has an amazing website where you can meet all of your tall-girl needs.

Below, I’ve linked several of my favorite sites that I use to purchase my pants.  I say pants, because I can typically find shirts and shorts in any regular store to fit me.  What I love about these sites is that they have extra long inseams…some up to 39″!

I am 5’10” and wear a 36″ inseam.  I’ve ordered some of my pants in a  37″ inseam and they fit as well.

I hope this post helps you tall girls like me.

Get ready to say

Fave shops:

Alloy Apparel  (inseams up to 39″ and their prices are super reasonable)

Old Navy (my favorite yoga pants here. They almost always have a discount code too!)

JCPenny (hit or miss on their pants…but it’s worth the look!)

Buckle (this is where I spent way to much money in high school, but their jeans do last)

ASOS Tall (cute maxi dresses + pants)

Sometimes I get lucky and find a maxi dress or jumpsuit that works in the regular size section, like the jumpsuit from this post. But generally, I just buy online and cross my fingers that they fit!  One drawback to buying online means returns…but most of the pants I’ve bought have worked!

(wearing some of my favorite pants from Alloy and they’re under $30!)

Any tall girls have other places they love?  Let me know in the comments below!